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"Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, 

for in them are the promise and guarantee of future."

    Our Vision

" Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom."

    Our Mission

Our philosophy, rests upon the nobility of man, and the belief that each child is unique, endowed with his or her own capacity, and that it is our task to help this unique individual demonstrate these capacities.

Site Map Our children live in a global society which, demands of them numerous skills and capabilities. In order to prepare them for a successful future in such a society we provide them with a sound academic education that helps them acquire knowledge from various branches of science, languages and arts, and participate in physical activities and challenges. More importantly we must help them learn how to make good, ethical decisions and develop a commitment to making these good choices.

We acknowledge the importance of education, especially at the elementary school age. What the child learns at this stage of his or her life, has a fundamental and lasting effect on his future and personality, as well as an influence in the betterment of the life of the society in which he or she moves.

Please read "More About Our Philosophy" at the bottom of this page.

    Which grades are offered?

August Forel International School™ is a primary school  offering grades 1 - 4 (ages 6 to 11)  in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. In addition, there is a school-preparation class available for 5-6 year olds. 

       What do we offer?

A multicultural environment
A sound academic education
Moral and character education
Parents Seminars with competent Speakers
Regular teacher training seminars
Support from global ethics organizations
Financial support in form of scholarship for Slovak students


     What makes us different?

We offer a unique environment that entails a combination of:

Advanced academic material and methods
Moral and character education 
Life Skills
Parents' involvement, Parents' seminars with competent speakers 
Support from global organizations
Financial support in form of scholarship 


  joshua_l.gif (28588 bytes)     Our Curriculum

Our curriculum consists of primary essential elements and Primary additional elements.

Primary Essential Elements

Language Arts
Social Studies
Moral and Character Education


Primary Additional Elements

Communication skills / Elementary Decision Skills
Physical activity, movement and dance
Visual arts, Crafts and skills
Slovak, German or French language (elective)
Using Computers

For more information please go to the page: Curriculum

Slovensky Curriculum Our Methodology Parents Teachers Location Fees & Scholarships Membership&Association School Calendar Contact Us About Forel

The paintings on this web page are made by children of  ages 2 - 10.
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